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2100+ free monthly traffic from Google for a new car rental web
Car-Rent.in.ua is a Ukrainian car rental service that was launched in 2021. The company provides cars for rent throughout Ukraine and has a fleet of more than 50 cars from economy to premium class.
Auto and moto
Goals and tasks
Car Rent contacted me at the site development stage, which allowed to lay a solid foundation for further SEO promotion.
Data collection, analysis of the business niche and competitors, drawing up a promotion strategy

Collection of the semantic core, distribution of keywords by segments and development of the structure of the site pages

Preparation of the site to meet the technical requirements of search engines

Site optimization by keywords (meta tags, text)
Results and achievements
In the first 6 months since the launch of the site, search traffic increased from 20+ to 2100+ visitors per month. This was a huge achievement. In the first six months of promotion work, the site was visited by more than 3,200+ users.

In addition to proper optimization, such growth was ensured by "seasonality", because the demand for the service increases in the summer.
In the next 6 months, search traffic stabilized at the level of 1,500-2,000 visitors per month and brought the service 180-220 targeted hits every month.

The average goal conversion rate during the year was 9.1%, which is a very high indicator.
At the end of February 2022, a war broke out in Ukraine, as a result of which the volume of traffic in the niche fell by more than 80%. In March, the service was forced to suspend work. The site lost 60% of search traffic.
A month later, work on the project resumed, the company adapted to the new conditions, and the necessary work was carried out on the site. Since then, search traffic has grown by 25-30% every month
Despite the difficult situation in the country, together with the client, we managed to stabilize the traffic and even significantly improve the position, which can be seen in the figure below.
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