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120+ requests per month from Google Ads for a photographer
The client is a professional photographer who specializes in wedding, family and Love Story photo sessions.
Google Ads
Goals and tasks #1
Kateryna asked me to set up and launch Google Ads advertising on an existing site to attract new customers.

The existing site was weak in terms of marketing. The lack of a selling structure, clearly formulated UTP and calls to action reduce the conversion of the site to almost zero.

Despite my recommendations, the client did not begin to redesign the site. It was decided to check what conversion rate can be obtained with the existing site.
Tasks #1:
Creation and launch of an advertising campaign in Google Ads for site conversion testing

Adjusting the content of the site to the needs of the target audience
Results and achievements #1
In the first month of operation, we received 404 visits to the site, of which there were 9 applications. The conversion rate was 2.23%. The results are very far from the desired ones, but there is a lot to work with, so we decided to cooperate further.
It was decided to divide the advertising into two main directions and create 2 advertising campaigns instead of 1. The following month, we received 1297 conversions to the site, of which there were 35 applications. The conversion rate increased to 2.7%.

The effectiveness of advertising is increasing, but the effectiveness is still at a very low level. The cost of ice decreased from UAH 611. to UAH 480, but still remains high.
Goals and tasks #2
After some persuasion on my part, the client still decided to redesign the site. We determined the optimal budget, at which the client will be comfortable and I will have enough time to develop an effective site.

A basic marketing analysis was carried out, the main segments of the target audience were determined. Based on the collected data, a prototype of the new site was created, and after the final statements, I began development.
Completed work #2
Formed a convenient and functional site structure that provides the user with all the necessary information on 1 page.

Created an attractive style for all blocks and elements

Formed an attractive UTP with a discount and brought it to the first screen

Added a list of basic services based on CA segments.

Added the option to order a gift certificate

Added information and photos of photo studios popular among customers

I added a form with an offer to receive a coupon of UAH 500 for the first photo session

At the client's request, the online chat, which previously accounted for 95% of requests, was removed. Applications on the forms on the website were practically not left.
Results and achievements #2
After the launch of the new site, form conversion jumped from almost zero to an average of 4.6%. On some days, the conversion reaches 8-9%, which is a very high indicator in general, and compared to the previous results - cosmic.
Due to the increase in site conversion by 3-4 times, advertising costs have decreased, and efficiency has increased. During the 5 months of work on the project, it was possible to attract 646 requests, of which 55 were paid for filming in the amount of over UAH 210,000.
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